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The magical little ones…

The first “official” week of my journey is over. Got to assist in teaching a younger pre-schooling group of amazing children. It’s phenomenal how 2-3 year olds minds work. Each child is so unique, and you can see their personalities emerging even at such a young age. Some children just take to you from the minute you walk in as though they have known you for years. Some keep looking at you constantly as though looking into your soul, trying to determine if you are worthy of their magical friendship. Some are distressed at the new change, but they quickly bond with you, always looking up to you for reassurance. That’s the hardest part – not letting them down when they want and need that security and assurance to feel safe in their new environment.

But the overwhelming love and trust you receive from these little ones keeps a smile in your heart through out the day. Their innocence, even in their cheeky mischievousness, overpowers all doubts, all stress, all tiredness. Their smiles just makes every little thing worth it. Some might misbehave a little, and as soon as you make them realise it, they smile, hug and say “sorry” to each other so easily. 60 seconds later, they have forgotten it ever happened, and are back to their normal happy selves, playing with each other as though nothing ever happened. And here we adults hold on to little little things all our lives, refusing to forgive and forget, saying “he/she did this to me”, and at times refusing to even acknowledge the other person. Makes you think who actually are the “adults” and who are the “kids” here in the reality of life!

The best part of the whole week for me was helping them create crowns for our little princes and princesses. Of course the topic was the Royal Wedding that the whole world is talking about. But to these little ones, it is about explaining the magic behind it all. It’s about a Prince marrying his Princess in London today. They wore their crowns, whilst I read them classic fairy tales of Snow White & Sleeping Beauty, with my Princes waving about their imaginary swords and fighting dragons, and rescuing my little beautiful Princesses. Their enthusiasm, the joy in their eyes, their smiles and laughter was a perfect end to the week. Hopefully, when their parents tune into live broadcast today, the little ones will remember some of the magic we created in class yesterday, and see a fairytale come to life!


The Simple Buddhist Monk…

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso, has had a huge influence on me from the time I unconsciously embarked on my ‘journey’.  Don’t get me wrong – I have faith in my religion, but to me he’s probably the most incredible spiritual leader of our time. A simple Buddhist monk that showcases non-violence in the face of aggression, suppression and anger. A symbolism of peace. I devoured and read his books during that period of confusion – he simply made more sense to me than anything else during that period of confusion. From an early age, he’s been through intense hardships, lost so much, and yet he continues to smile and talk about peace – even today. His humbleness comes through, his kindness and compassion radiates through his books. They are written so simply, and the more you read the more you realize – surely this is common sense – I should know this!

“This is my simple religion. No need for temples. No need for complicated philosophy. Your own mind, your own heart is the temple. Your philosophy is simple kindness.” — Dalai Lama XIV

In one of his books, I stumbled over a Tibetan Buddhist mantra “Om Mani Padme Hum‘ that I started using to meditate. The first few times I sat down and tried to meditate, the thoughts wouldn’t leave me. And the more I tried to block them, the more they came. Like a dam trying to burst. My cousin said “let them come, just keep concentrating on your breathing. At some point, you will start seeing the thoughts as an outsider, and will be able to quieten your mind.” And he was right. The thoughts came like a tsunami! Boom! It stunned and shook me. At some point,  I  could analyze my entire day as an outsider, see what I did right and where did I mess up. If I did do something wrong, I knew the next day I had to apologize. Soon my mind started quietening down. For the first time, peace started entering my mind, and I started sleeping again like a little baby. But it does take time, practice, and letting go. Oh yeah – most importantly – learning to forgive 🙂 yourself and others.