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Just One Thing

Just One Thing by Holly Jacobs

Just One Thing by Holly Jacobs

“Sometimes, you find yourself inadvertently in the dark. But I’d discovered that if you stopped fighting against it and just stood still, sometimes something marvelous comes along.”

A random book I found on Amazon, but I have to say, this book surprised me.

Lexie Mc Cain is an artist, and she spends her days weaving her thoughts, her emotions, her story into a tapestry.  Every Monday night, she walks to the neighborhood bar to grab a beer. There she meets Sam, the bartender, and each week she answers the same question – “One Thing?”.

She starts with the basic details, her name, where she lives, and she starts to talk about her life and the tragedies. Slowly, she turns the table around and asks Sam – “One Thing?”, and he starts to open up. And there begins their healing process, their ascension from the darkness.

It is such a simply written book, but yet it demonstrates the power of sharing “one thing” with a trusted friend.

“We meet the people we need to meet when we’re ready for them. Maybe that’s why we met. To try and help each other figure out who we really are now.”

I teach an exercise, which involves trusting a friend for 21 to 28 days, and opening up bit by bit.  Each day, you deal with an emotion, a memory, a thought process. You have your buddy beside you to help you through the process because it can get very heart wrenching. There are days you want to crawl under a rock and simply quit. That’s when your buddy steps up, and kicks you out of the hole. This process of being truly vulnerable helps the healing process, and it opens you to all the hidden possibilities, the love that has been buried deep down.

Last year, I decided to do the exercise myself, and honestly, after that, nothing scares me anymore. There is nothing more courageous than opening up (to a total stranger in my case), and getting rid of fears. The happiness we both acquired as a result of the process is life long!

“Being able to lean on someone else…maybe that was brave. I mean if you leaned on someone, you had to trust that they wouldn’t let you fall.”

Don’t dismiss the book, it actually is a brilliant process woven so beautifully in the story. Guess I will be a bit biased, but it is really a good summer read!

Rating: 8.5/10


Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Series by George R.R. Martin

This is a saga not to be missed.  Comprising of 5 books, it is a tale of kings, queens, dragons, soldiers, magic, war, love, honor, treachery, sorcerers, assassins, bastards…

In a time long long ago, there are 7 kingdoms ruled by King Robert. Trouble is brewing within the kingdom, and evil and supernatural forces are amassing beyond the kingdom’s protective Wall.  At the center of the story lie the Starks of  Winterfell, a harsh, unyielding, brave and honorable family.  Amid plots, sub plots, tragedy, romance, battles and betrayals, we are introduced to characters, enemies and allies, each one fighting to win the deadliest conflict – Game of Thrones. You are introduced to a lord who stands by his honor, a bastard son trying to prove himself, a young she-wolf surviving on sheer will and wits, a dragon prince who is capable of bartering his sister to gain an army, wildlings who carry men into madness, a queen who will do anything for power, an imp (dwarf man) who manipulates situations with his shrewdness and intelligence and many more!  Each character is so well-defined.  Just when you think you know what’s going to happen, the plot turns and you are just shocked.

Finally, here’s a book who will go down in history to be an epic similar to Lord of the Rings. This is a genuine masterpiece, a story of modern fantasy that carries us into a magical world, keeping the reader glued chapter after chapter, book after book.  HBO airs the TV series, and for the first time here is a TV series that has done justice to magic of the book.

If you liked Lord of the Rings, these 5 books are not to be missed.

Rating: 10/10

What is it about churches and cathedrals that grabs us?

I love churches and cathedrals! Whenever I walk into one, I feel the peace and serenity wash all over me. Each time I go to a new city, somehow I always find myself in front of one, open to visitors. I walk in, and usually there is a mass going on … in German, French,  Arabic, English, Konkani …

Maybe its their unique classic architecture and history that grabs me.  In New York city, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is beautiful with its Gothic style architecture in the middle of bustling 5th Avenue, dominating it for over 150 years. It’s brimming with visitors, but still beautiful nevertheless.

In Beirut, the Mar Maroun church sits in the middle of Downtown Beirut, right next to an equally beautiful Rafik Hariri mosque (also known as Mohammad Al Amin Mosque).  In a country where they have fought civil wars over religion, its amazing to see the two structures coexisting peacefully right next to each other. A friend of mine got married in a really small quaintly beautiful church up in the mountains called Church of Ascencion in Daroun, Harissa. Very striking.

The most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen is in Koln, Germany. You walk out of the central train station, and right in front of you is the Cologne Cathedral. It simply takes your breath away. You just stand there in awe, staring at the phenomenally beautiful Gothic architecture, and no matter how long you stare at it, you find something new in the architecture every minute more stunning than the minute before.  History says it took over 600 years to completely build the Cathedral! Apparently it was hit by aerial bombs during World War 2, but it stood tall even when the city around it was destroyed. I spent hours there, roaming through the Cathedral, lost in the romance of the whole experience.

But the Cathedral I love visiting the most is St Paul’s Cathedral in London. Standing there since 1710 (after it’s predecessor was destroyed in the Great Fire of London), it’s Renaissance beauty is serene and radiantly gorgeous. Even though it’s teeming with tourists, it’s still so quiet and peaceful inside. Another Cathedral to have withstood World War 2 bombing.  To me, this particular Cathedral holds a very special place in my life. Years ago, when I was having my rebellion, complaints and grief with God, I walked into that Cathedral with no faith. A priest found me sitting there distraught and angry. He spoke to me with his quiet love and kindness and I ended up blurting out all my junk to a complete stranger, and cried my eyes out. Funnily enough, once I said what was making me so mad, he made me realise how trivial it sounded out in the open, how the crappiest of things are happening for the betterment of me – even if in that moment of time I was unable to see it.

I walked out of the Cathedral that day with my faith back, stronger than ever, knowing that someone up there will take care of me. I cannot go to London and not go into the Cathedral to light a candle. 🙂

What are your favorite churches and cathedrals? Go ahead … share your stories!