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How do you want to be remembered?

girl blowing petals in the wind

How do you want to be remembered when you decide to leave this Earth?

Everyone will be remembered. Each and every person usually is. There is always a person connected to the departed that will carry on some memory.

If that is the case, then how do you want your story to go? Do you want your story to be about what you achieved in life or in your job? Is it about your accomplishments on a project or what you did for your kids? Is it about how much joy you brought to people around you, how you inspired them or is it about how negatively you made other people feel?

Whatever has happened till date, has happened. I have come to believe that each and every day, every minute, you have the Power to Choose how to live your life. You have the Power to choose which emotions will you let go of and which ones you will let affect you.

Each day is a beautiful chance to challenge yourself, to do something new, to be a better ‘version’ of yourself. It is a chance to choose happiness, to take joy for a ride.

Holding onto the past is easy, Very easy. It keeps you safe, and within boundaries of emotions you already know – the anger, the regrets, the resentments. But as soon as you make a choice to let go of the past, as soon as you make a choice of not letting the past affect your present … that’s when you start to make room for the rest of your life to show up. That’s when you actually choose happiness for yourself.

Make a choice. The Power is Yours.


As I walked out the door towards my freedom…

Here’s a quote from another man I am inspired by – Nelson Mandela.  A man who despite everything that has happened to him, believed in the possibility of peace, living with love, and being together in harmony. If he can forgive and move on so beautifully, then we should all take inspiration from him and let bygones be bygones! 🙂

Life is short …


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As we go through life, we see a lot of things happen around us (including deaths of loved ones) that make us realise how short life actually is.  We can spend our life arguing, in negativity, drowning in regrets, harboring resentments, carrying on grief OR we could look around us and appreciate the beauty of living, thanking God for the love we have in our lives, laughing at silly jokes and old memories with our families and friends.  Most importantly … no matter how bad an experience was, a relationship was… at some it did make you smile … remember the smile not the bad experience, and forgive easily and quickly so that it doesn’t stop you from moving forward! Go ahead and break your created barriers and norms, and evolve. Learn a new skill, a new hobby … meet new people … laugh and spread the laughter 🙂 after all … life is short! 🙂