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Art Blog: Abstract woman walking in a field

Abstract woman in nature

“…and forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the wind longs to play with your hair.” – Kahlil Gibran

I was very inspired by an unknown artist I had stumbled across years ago when I created this piece. Something about the colors grabbed me.

I love nature. I usually go and sit in parks, walk barefoot on the grass, feeling the earth beneath my feet. I take my books and grab a quiet spot under a tree, and it’s where I end up really connecting to myself. It’s where everything falls away or falls into place. The beauty of being surrounded by flowers, the crisp air, the freshness, the dew on the grass – all of it makes me feel so grateful and vibrantly alive.

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Art Blog: Sexy Woman

abstract acrylics sexy woman

There is something divine and beautiful about a woman who lives and breathes her sexuality with absolutely no shame, no guilt. A good friend of mine Samar Shera said in her blog, “The curves. The beauty. The resilience – features you will never see more prevalent than the gracious body women have been bestowed with.”

It’s time every woman celebrates her femininity, her curves, her brains, her confidence, her achievements … it’s time we celebrate who we truly are.

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Art Blog: The Warrior Woman


Every woman is born with incredible strength, yet society and system want to bury and chip away at it. After all, a strong woman is always considered a threat.

Our real strength doesn’t come from having highly placed jobs, successful careers, money, and material things. In reality a woman’s true strength comes from the depths of her heart, where she has the courage to be vulnerable despite everything she has had to endure. Her grace speaks volumes about her innocence and purity of emotions.

It is time to break off society’s shackles. It is time to walk away from everyone who doesn’t respect us. It is the time of the warrior within us to emerge.

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