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Art Blog: Abstract Sexy Woman

Abstract Sexy Woman

There is something powerful shifting through the universe when we women let down our guard and embrace our sexiness, our vulnerability, our power. Let go of the boxes, the rules, the barriers society tries to place around us – just let go. Embrace everything that life has to offer you, with no judgments, no ‘this is how it should be’. Simply flow, be who you truly be and live in the moment.

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Art Blog: Abstract Sexy Woman

abstract sexy woman

A friend of mine, Samar Shera, wrote on her blog, “I officially denounce Superwoman. I would rather be my version of happy than show the world I am living its dream.”

This resonates so true with me since I am now living my version of happy. To me, the simple things matter – love, joy, laughter, quiet conversations. After walking out of the rat race, its made me realize that I was never my authentic self. I was always a version of what I had to be in that very moment to get things done.

Today, as I live my version of happy, I am being true to why I am really on this earth. I am who I am. The sexy glorious me, who celebrates each day every little victory I achieve. I celebrate ME.

It’s time for every woman to celebrate who she really is. Celebrate your authentic sexy self!

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Art Blog: F1 Racing Abstract Painting (Sold)


A friend of mine asked me if I could do a F1 car painting for him. I said yea of course, not realising the madness I was getting myself into.

I love sports, but there are 2 sports I simply don’t follow. F1 and Golf. I have no clue about teams or individuals or how they eventually win world titles. Yes I know Ayrton Senna and Micheal Schumacher because of their biographies and their intelligent personas but not because I watched their races!

Since he is a Ferrari Freak, the colors were pretty much determined. Reds and yellows. I knew the background had to stand out and carry the element of ‘roughness’, vibrancy and unpredictability. If I used a pallette knife or spatula, the strokes are determined … so that method of painting went out of the window.

I ended up using 5 shades of red (deep cadmium, vermillion, scarlett, crimson and flourescent) along with 3 shades of yellow (lemon, flourescent and cadmium) to create the background. I random splashed the colors with water, placed crumpled plastic on it and left it to dry for 2 days. This gave it an incredible unpredictable effect – paint raised in some areas, colours forming weird sexy patterns by blending on their own, paint peeling off in some areas – it was actually really cool!!



then sketched an abstract F1 car, with the helmet placed in the middle of the canvas, seat and back panels of the car towards the top of the canvas, and the engine curving in the front. Again I used one stroke of paint to keep true to the peeling effect created on the background.


The peeling effect reminded me of the speed at which these drivers and cars perform at. In a blink of an eye, they fly past you. You see glimpses of the F1 car, the colours and those little blurs is what you register in your mind. 

Here’s to all the Ferrari fans!


Details: Acrylics, 85 cm x 85 cm

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