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Book Review: Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani’s book is an honest account of how it took cancer and her near death experience (NDE) to understand that in order to love others, you must learn how to love yourself first, deeply and honestly. As the title suggests, she had to die to learn how to be truly her, how it’s ok to be her, and to let go of all society pressures and rules … because in the end, it really doesn’t matter. What matters in the end is who you really were and if you lived this gift of life in joy, being the amazing true being that you truly are.

It is actually an amazing book that moves you, shakes your universe and makes you question everything that you took for granted.
There were times I would sit down and just ponder on her words because the depth of it would stir something deep within me, making me acknowledge things that needed to be changed.

Here’s an article that appeared recently. Read it and you might be tempted to get the book.

Love Yourself Before All the Rest – http://huff.to/1d3sgdc

Rating: 9/10


How do you want to be remembered?

girl blowing petals in the wind

How do you want to be remembered when you decide to leave this Earth?

Everyone will be remembered. Each and every person usually is. There is always a person connected to the departed that will carry on some memory.

If that is the case, then how do you want your story to go? Do you want your story to be about what you achieved in life or in your job? Is it about your accomplishments on a project or what you did for your kids? Is it about how much joy you brought to people around you, how you inspired them or is it about how negatively you made other people feel?

Whatever has happened till date, has happened. I have come to believe that each and every day, every minute, you have the Power to Choose how to live your life. You have the Power to choose which emotions will you let go of and which ones you will let affect you.

Each day is a beautiful chance to challenge yourself, to do something new, to be a better ‘version’ of yourself. It is a chance to choose happiness, to take joy for a ride.

Holding onto the past is easy, Very easy. It keeps you safe, and within boundaries of emotions you already know – the anger, the regrets, the resentments. But as soon as you make a choice to let go of the past, as soon as you make a choice of not letting the past affect your present … that’s when you start to make room for the rest of your life to show up. That’s when you actually choose happiness for yourself.

Make a choice. The Power is Yours.

The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in our Stars by John Green

This is another book that stalked me on my kindle, and I finally downloaded it. It started off pretty well, with 16 year old Hazel Grace wheeling her oxygen tank behind her into a cancer support group meeting and bumping into Augustus Waters, who is remission from his cancer.  Somewhere along the way, they fall in love.

The dialogues in the book are far more mature than other ‘teen’ books, and reflect the maturity kids come into when facing terminal cancer, and how they become wiser beyond their years. Cancer is just the underlying connection that brings these two characters together, but it’s their evolving friendship, maturing relationship, the things they go out of their way to do for each other, going after their dreams, their thoughts and feelings that form the basis of the novel.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.’ – Cassius

At some point, the story dragged for me. At some point it felt a little too pushed, but then I am not the target audience of the book. If you are a teenager or a mother of a teenager, this is a recommended book. If you are in your late 20s upwards, and you read voraciously, this is not a book you will sink your teeth into. Watch the movie I would say.

Rating 5/6