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Just One Thing

Just One Thing by Holly Jacobs

Just One Thing by Holly Jacobs

“Sometimes, you find yourself inadvertently in the dark. But I’d discovered that if you stopped fighting against it and just stood still, sometimes something marvelous comes along.”

A random book I found on Amazon, but I have to say, this book surprised me.

Lexie Mc Cain is an artist, and she spends her days weaving her thoughts, her emotions, her story into a tapestry.  Every Monday night, she walks to the neighborhood bar to grab a beer. There she meets Sam, the bartender, and each week she answers the same question – “One Thing?”.

She starts with the basic details, her name, where she lives, and she starts to talk about her life and the tragedies. Slowly, she turns the table around and asks Sam – “One Thing?”, and he starts to open up. And there begins their healing process, their ascension from the darkness.

It is such a simply written book, but yet it demonstrates the power of sharing “one thing” with a trusted friend.

“We meet the people we need to meet when we’re ready for them. Maybe that’s why we met. To try and help each other figure out who we really are now.”

I teach an exercise, which involves trusting a friend for 21 to 28 days, and opening up bit by bit.  Each day, you deal with an emotion, a memory, a thought process. You have your buddy beside you to help you through the process because it can get very heart wrenching. There are days you want to crawl under a rock and simply quit. That’s when your buddy steps up, and kicks you out of the hole. This process of being truly vulnerable helps the healing process, and it opens you to all the hidden possibilities, the love that has been buried deep down.

Last year, I decided to do the exercise myself, and honestly, after that, nothing scares me anymore. There is nothing more courageous than opening up (to a total stranger in my case), and getting rid of fears. The happiness we both acquired as a result of the process is life long!

“Being able to lean on someone else…maybe that was brave. I mean if you leaned on someone, you had to trust that they wouldn’t let you fall.”

Don’t dismiss the book, it actually is a brilliant process woven so beautifully in the story. Guess I will be a bit biased, but it is really a good summer read!

Rating: 8.5/10