Art Blog: I AM … Lucas

I am Lucas baby low res

I AM … Lucas

Lucas is the innocence within us. The naivety that we have made wrong.  He is the childlike curiosity within us, who takes in everything around him in awe, and yet judges nothing. To him, the world is beautiful. People are beautiful. He smiles with sheer joy, and hugs with love. Lucas is our innocent amazing heart, where every heartbeat pulsates with love.

This is one of my original signature series of abstract portraits that I am working on.  Usually created in a deep meditative state, with headphones on … just connected to my soul.

I used charcoal to create this abstract portrait on paper.

The original artwork & high resolution digital downloads of the artwork are available on Etsy.

Etsy Digital Download:

Etsy Store:

Instagram: @lkewlani

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