Art Blog: I AM … Kareem

i am kareem

One of my original signature series of abstract portraits that I am working on. This is an abstract painting of an old colleague of mine called Kareem. I always remembered Kareem to be head strong, someone who invested a lot of time into his physique, and yet someone who would happily engage with you in a battle of wits. I never knew Kareem modeled, so when I was looking for a man to use to create a painting in my abstract portrait series, I saw Kareem’s photograph on instagram.

As I kept working on this painting, there came a point where I was struggling to give the body justice, simply because Kareem possessed an incredible physique. The muscle definition took a while for me to do, but soon it started to come together. I was so immersed into painting Kareem’s physique that it made me take a step back and think … who exactly is the Kareem within? It made me realize how we women can also fall into the trap and start objectifying men. At times we are so taken by the raw physicality that we forget what’s below the hard muscular exterior of a man.

The vulnerability that he rarely shows. The way he fiercely protects people that matter to him.  His patience. Gentleness. Kindness. How he retreats into his own world when he isn’t comfortable. The chivalry. His adventurous spirit. His appreciation for creativity. The way he holds his little kid’s hand. The way he helps a friend in need. Patiently listening. The deep romance that he is capable of.

There is a lot to a man that we women sometimes don’t see. 🙂 It’s time to explore the mystery within.

If you would like to commission an abstract portrait of yourself or a loved one, please do message me. These portraits are created by how my soul sees your soul, and it is expressed through the movement of my hands on canvas.

‘I AM…Kareem’ is available for purchase on my etsy store or through direct buys

Instagram: @lkewlani

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