Art Blog: I AM … Adam

Ex's Energy low resI AM … Adam

This is one of my original signature series of abstract portraits that I am working on.  Usually created in a deep meditative state, with headphones on … just connected to my soul.

Adam is your Ex. He’s the person that you loved so deeply that your life began and ended with him. He’s the person that you believed was your THE ONE.  But he’s also THE person who broke your heart into tiny little pieces. He’s the person that walked away without a thought and threw all your dreams into the fury of the winds.

And yet, a part of you holds on (not knowing why). A part of you keeps going around in circles, wondering what went wrong, the ‘what ifs’, the ‘could haves’, the ‘should haves’ … they all start cropping up, driving you mad. You want to really move on, you want to walk happily into another relationship but yet … something keeps you stuck in the past.

It’s very easy for me to say ‘Let go’.  And your next sentence would be ‘Ok howwwww? You think I haven’t tried’? To be honest, all I can say is that you need to keep breathing through all the emotions that arise. Be it anger, sadness, grief … breathe and feel it move out of you. Breathe through the tears. Breathe through the pain you feel in your heart, in your soul.

Only by acknowledging what you are honestly feeling will you actually be able to let go of Adam … with love, grace and gratitude. You will feel things starting to shift, you will feel a place starting to get empty, and that’s amazing because you are creating space in your life, in your energy, for something new, for someone new. 🙂

And when you think of Adam, he will be a blur. You won’t feel anger and heartbreak, but a lot of gratitude for him. One thing that I believe in is that every person comes into our lives for a reason. They have a role to play into nudging us into who we truly are, and once that role is over, they leave. That was Adam. He came in for a reason to accelerate you, to push you, into truly being YOU.

I used charcoal to create this on paper.

The original artwork & high resolution digital downloads of the artwork are available on Etsy.

Etsy Digital Download:

Etsy Store:

Instagram: @lkewlani

I was inspired to create this artwork after listening to Tamra Oviatt’s Sacred Activation ‘Releasing Your Ex’s Energy’.  Link:



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