Art Blog: Angel Power

Angel Power low resThere is an angel inside of each and every one of us, and it is time we acknowledge and own that power within us.

 I was inspired to create this painting whilst listening to Tamra Oviatt’s Sacred Activation on Angel Power. This is one of the best activations I have ever heard.  I was immediately surrounded by a glowish yellow light, and I felt a lot peace within me. I could feel my deepening connection to Mother Earth, and towards the end, I could feel an intense energy surge through me and into my shoulder blades. I actually felt like I grew my Angel Wings. Incredible!
I was very drawn to paint the dress in blues (symbolizing Earth), and the wings in pinks, yellows and purples (symbolizing love and power).
As I was creating this, it made me realize how we have created the concept of Angels as beings existing outside of us in a reality where they are invisible. Which is partly true. Micheal, Gabriel, Raphael … yes. But there are also angels in our lives. We see and meet them everyday. They might not wear the wings and halo for us to be able to ‘see’ them, but the love they give us when we feel utterly unlovable, the way they hug us when we are down, the guy who smiles at you for no reason, the person who gives you their parking when you are rushing, the person who nudges you to be truly You, the person who prays for your mom when she is sick … all angels.
But you too are angel. You too will do things selflessly for others, without expecting anything in return. When you quietly listen to your friends sorrows. When you buy a homeless man a meal. When you say a prayer for someone you don’t even know. When you save a little kitten. 🙂 I guess it’s time to acknowledge the angel within us too 🙂

I used palette knives and oil paints to create this on paper.

The original artwork & high resolution digital downloads of the artwork are available on Etsy.

Etsy Digital Download:

Etsy Store:

Instagram: @lkewlani

Sacred Activation Angel Power Link:

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