Art Blog: Ship of Life


I love ships. I love sailing on the open seas, with nothing but water surrounding me. I always connect sailing ships to life.

Ships symbolize adventure and tales untold. We, as Captains of our individual Ships of Life, weather through storms and tribunals, always looking for a safe harmonious place to dock.  As we steer our ship, we are always on the lookout for greener pastures, exotic destinations, where we encounter and connect with new souls.


It’s not a race … yet somehow we have the ability to either make it one, or we can simply lay back and enjoy the sun shining above us. Smell the freedom in the winds blowing around us.

We Captains motivate and inspire people around us, including ourselves. Confidence can make such a huge difference in life. The ability to believe in ourselves and in others. The ability to choose which direction to steer our ship towards – the normal safe route or to explore the uncharted seas, and experience the mysteries that unfolds along the way.


We trust our ‘crew’, our ‘buddies’, because without them there will be no merry on our journeys.  We can stand tall at the helm, knowing there are people backing us up, buddies willing to go through rough seas and crazy storms with us. People will abandon your ship. They will jump off to save themselves … and that’s ok. That was as far as they were meant to be with us on our Ship of Life.

Enjoy your journey, seek out adventures. Seek out your mates and be merry! After all, this is your life, your ship, and you are the Captain. You hold it’s fate in your hands!

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