Art Blog: The Soul

??????????We are all attracted to the light of a soul. A lot of spiritual teachings and modalities talk about being ‘good, nice, kind, generous’ etc – again emphasizing the light of the soul. We all want people around us to be the same good, nice, happy people.

the soul abstract backgroundBut it is actually the combination of our light and ‘dark’ parts of our soul that make each one of us unique. There is nothing ‘wrong’ with the darker parts of us. There is nothing wrong with getting angry, with standing our ground, expressing our frustrations, crying our tears. As a society we have made the darker parts of us unacceptable, but yet its in our darkness that the light has a meaning.

Once we accept the darkness within us, the light within us shines brighter. Once we accept the insanity of life, our real truth stands its ground. Its where we become uniquely us, beautiful glorious us.

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