Art Blog: Sam’s Ganesha


A friend of mine has always been attracted to the energy of Ganesha. She wanted a contemporary Ganesha for her home based on one of my earlier works.

I had a completely different look in my mind when I started creating this Ganesha. I visualized the colors to be subtle and softer. As I kept working, I was messaging her the work in progress. But her 9 year old daughter Sam wanted something different!


She told me how and which colors she wanted, and where on the canvas she wanted them. She described the intensity of the colors. As I kept listening and visualizing her input, I realised the gift kids have to better what we do – if we only listened and took their opinions into our lives, rather than thinking ‘we know better!’. I loved her inputs because I promise you this painting looks so vibrant because of her honest thoughts and feedback. It has her fun energy, her little visualizations.


As parents and adults, we should keep an open mind to what these little amazing souls tell us, what they bring to our attention. Their minds are free of restructions, their dreams know no limits, their talents are incredible. Please lets not box them into what we believe, lets give them the wings and freedom to be who they are truly meant to be!

Thank you Sam 🙂 this your Ganesha. May He shower your life with lots of love, luck and happiness xxx


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