Art Blog: The Dancer


I did this painting as a gift for one of my team members that I used to work with. Linda joined my team from Germany at a time when we exploded with work. She put her head down, adjusted to the madness and joined into the insanity with a smile.


As we got to know her, we realised that she is gifted with the voice of an angel and she is actually a trained dancer. I saw her perform once, and she simply takes your breath away. I used to tell her – ‘girl leave this damn industry. You are far too talented to waste these gifts that God bestowed upon you.’ 🙂


Tomorrow as she leaves Dubai, I wanted to gift her something to remind her of her talents and her passion for perfection. Linda has always gone and done things with a fiery passion, be it work or dancing. And everything she touched, she did it with perfection and elegance. We were blessed to have her on our team for 4.5 years, most importantly as a friend we could rely on.

I know she will go after what she wants with passion and determination, and I hope all her dreams come true! Love you xxx

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