Art Blog: Captain of my Soul Part 2 (Sold)


A friend of mine saw the earlier Captain of my Soul painting and picked it up. But he had a request. He came from a family of sailors and really identified with the poem I had written on my initial post. He wanted me to incorporate the poem somehow into the painting.

Placing the poem on the initial canvas was not possible. So placing it on a new canvas was the only option. But my challenge was to make both canvases flow into one painting rather than 2 separate canvases.

So I thought of creating the second canvas as though you were diving deep into the depth of the ocean. I have never dived before, so I had to rely on my imagination, pictures I have seen on the net and on a friend’s verbal account.


I have to be honest. It’s not easy for me to replicate the same colors or effect or mood on a second canvas if I paint it days later. Maybe because I am in a different place, having different thoughts, different emotions one day from another. So honestly, I am very amazed that it did happen :).


I am fascinated by sharks (actually scared shit of them!!) but it felt right to place one near the writing on the painting to balance out both canvases. As I drew it in, it made me realise even sharks are actually Captains of their own Souls.



am so grateful that he requested me to insert the poem because now this painting has actually came alive in a completely different way.

PS: yes … The sexy handwriting is mine 🙂

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