Art Blog: The Eternal Lovers Radha Krishna


The love story of Radha Krishna is known by anyone who knows Hindu mythology. The lovers only had eyes for each other. Radha would come running as soon as Krishna played his flute, and they would dance wrapped in love for hours. The whole world would stop, watch and become enthralled with the ras-leela. 

Radha never married Krishna. She sacrificed her love to let Krishna go and change the world as he was destined to do. Despite Krishna marrying Rukmini, till today it is Radha’s name linked eternally to Krishna. It is her idol that is next to Krishna’s in temples. Every Hindu God is prayed to along with his wife (Ram Sita, Shiva Parvati)… But Radha’s love for Krishna is so strong that eternally she will be his and he will be hers. Whilst painting them, I even got a heart paint stain on my thumb! Definitely eternal lovers. 


The background had me stumped for weeks because it had to bring out the romance. It had to symbolize the way the world disappeared when they were together. It had to be soft yet alluring. I learnt how to paint and blend with sponges for this effect to appear. 

This painting was done for my childhood friend. We were born a month apart and we spent our childhood growing up as sisters in Freetown (Sierra Leone). We grew up hearing stories about the Gods and we would put up performances on the stories at the temple for everyone. I was the quiet one (believe it or not!) and the only time I would throw a fit is if some other kid was chosen to play the role of Radha. Hehe at times both of us would dress up and play little Radhas because I would not let even her be Radha! But for the record we made the cutest Radhas!

This is one of the reasons I told her you are getting a Radha Krishna as a painting because nothing else will come on the canvas. It’s something that is deeply linked to our beautiful childhood.

What is even more amazing is that her 7 year old daughter, my little niece, sat with me for hours, painting Radha and Krishna’s clothes base coats. She learnt how to paint with a pallette knife and imitated me stroke for stroke whilst doing the white background. So its only fair and makes me so proud that this painting also carries her name along with mine.


Who would have thought that childhood plays with 2 little radhas would lead to this painting? How does it get even more amazing than this? 🙂


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