Art Blog: The African Elephant

The African Elephant

african elephant charcoal sketch

When I was commissioned to do an elephant painting, I was a bit curious. As I researched on the internet, I started to learn about the differences in stature, trunks, tusks, posture, ears between the different elephants found around in different countries.

I learnt how the elephant tribes are formed around the females, how the families get destroyed if they are separated from the female matriarch. Funnily enough, I coincidentally started reading a fictional book by Jodi Picoult, whose story revolves around a baby elephant being separated from his family. I never realized that an elephant’s intelligence is actually at par with a dolphin, and emotionally at par with humans. Wow.

I chose the African elephant to sketch because it looks majestic. And on a small canvas, I wanted the majestic-ness to come out more than the playfulness. Hopefully this has come through.

Looking to do more sketches on canvas. If anyone is interested in placing an order, do msg me.
Instagram: @lkewlani


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