Art Blog: The Story Behind ‘Ganesh in the colours of Holi’

Ganesh in the colors of Holi

Ganesha is my muse. I love painting him, and funnily enough, I get the most number of requests to paint him.

When a close friend Vicky asked me to paint a Ganesh for his new home, I wanted something that matches Vicky’s personality. For all those who don’t know Vicky, he is very similar to me. Mad. Funny. A little bit insane. Loveable. Yet he has an inherent quiet streak of loyalty, honesty and reliability. He is one dude we can rely on blindly (we won’t ask his wife to comment here! Lolol)

During Ganpati visarjan, people go dancing like mad on the streets, throwing powdered colors (holi colors) to celebrate his journey to the sea. Hence I have used a multitude of colors to bring out the spirit and color madness on the white background. Vermilion red, cadmium red, fluorescent red, bright red, cadmium orange light,  lemon yellow,  metallic blue, phthalo blue, cobalt blue, wedgewood blue, leaf green, sap green, emerald green.

For the Ganesh himself, to bring out the solidity of the idol,  I stuck to 4 colors – cadmium orange light, cadmium orange hue, venetian red and burnt umber.

This is one Ganesha I am personally very proud of. To bring out the splash of colors on a pure white background,  I had ONE chance only, especially because I was using palette knives. There was no way I could go over it a second time to fix any mistakes, cuz then the splash holi color effect would go. It would mean me restarting the painting again.

Here’s celebrating the madness and love of Ganpati and Vicky! Wohooooo


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