Art Blog: The Story Behind ‘Divine Love’

"Love is the energy of life." - Robert Browning.
“Love is the energy of life.” – Robert Browning.

There something very divine about love.  Something very grounding yet very airy.

I painted this on a day of a Super Moon. So believe me, I was very triggered that day.  These super moons bring out my emotions. So you will find the strokes being very rough, done using a palette knife. I used a comb to bring the energies around the couple. The moon’s energy is connected to the hearts, symbolizing the love that connects two infinite beings.

Love is probably the most abused word used today. At times I feel that people use the word so freely that the divinity behind the word has disappeared. As I was painting this, I realized that each one of us, whether we deny it or admit it, whether we are single or in relationships or married, we are looking for that soulmate that brings meaning to divine love.

So what is divine love? Is it about standing with each other through thick and thin? Is it when your heart takes the lead and leaves the brain behind? Is it about trusting the other person blindly not to hurt you? Is it about gifting and receiving things? Is it about raising a family together? Am not sure.

I have heard so many explanations. But one thing I read in a book by Dr Dain Heer actually resonated and sat well with me. Maybe divine love is about having gratitude for each other. Just simply being grateful for the other person, as they are, for who they are. By living in gratitude, it actually allows us to be truly vulnerable, and drop down barriers, and truly living a life filled with joy! To me … that sounds like divine love! 🙂

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