sky dive dubai

I have always been scared of heights.  Maybe because I used to be the kind of person that always had her feet firmly planted on the ground.  The Earth was my familiar playground. I knew the rules here. I knew what to expect. So when I put ‘Jump out of a plane’ on my bucket list, people thought I was crazy.

I remember standing on the edge of the plane door and looking at the city and sea below, and thinking this is really weird! I am literally jumping into something I have no damn clue about, and with someone who I met 10 mins ago and is strapped to me.  I am trusting a total and complete stranger with my life.  I am actually leaving the old safe Me behind.

You think that change is hard, leaving the old and familiar behind involves you giving up a lot. But it is probably the most alive you will ever feel.

As soon as I jumped, my sense of reality literally changed. The experience of the wind blasting makes you feel the power of the Wind God. Once the jump is over, we floated around in the atmosphere for about 5 to 7 minutes. The peace as you hang in mid air,  the clouds above and below you, the birds flying past you minding their own business, the tranquility, the view … it is simply beautiful.

For the first time I felt connected and in awe of the sky. The whole universe not just the ground and sea. I was a little beautiful speck in this gorgeous huge universe. So why am I limiting myself to the old, the comfortable when in reality I have the whole universe to play with?

What if we didn’t give so much importance to safe boundaries? What incredible change would we then allow into our lives?

Change. Let go of safe. Jump into something new. Become alive again.


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