The truth about relationships

couple love

The truth is .. we really don’t know anything at all!

We can sit and pretend to be experts, give advice, talk about our experiences, ‘do this, do that’. And then, there is heartbreak. That sucks. Then we go through a whole cycle of trying to heal, getting back onto our feet, starting to trust again and at the same time, trying to decipher who we really are. Exhausting? The truth is we complicate it!

There is a beautiful truth in being single (till the right one shows up). Its the part when you actually realize that even without someone, you are worth a hell of a lot more than you give yourself credit.  Too many single people sell themselves short. They believe its now or never. But maybe, maybe, there is a real value is using that gifted time to actually figure ourselves out, to see who we really are, what do we really want, and what actually makes us deep down happy.

Yes. It’s all about being happy, understanding that your happiness is not dependent on anyone else but YOU. Its all about celebrating yourself, your talents, your uniqueness. And then, the universe starts to celebrate with you. Don’t be surprised if the next person that walks into your life actually gets attracted to everything that makes YOU happy, loves you of who you truly are.

The universe has a funny way of showing you what you really need. All you need to do is ask. At every single point, ask a question, and just be open to the answers, the signs, that are being sent and shown to you.

The answers aren’t in a book or in a lecture. The answers lie within you. All you need to do is ask the right questions! Stay happy!

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