Allowing Your Emotions to become Instruments of Love and Peace

Our minds have the incredible power to manifest anything and everything. Everything happening in our lives, good or bad, believe it or not we have manifested these situations, the dramas, the people we attract and the way they react to us. All of it.

We actually spend more time discussing, thinking, and cutting open negative situations than we do celebrating the positive things happening and the goodness in our lives. The universe echoes back our thoughts and the energies we attach to emotions and situations. Think about how passionately you talk and complain about people and situations, why xyz happens to you. You attach so much energy to it, such intense charges. Why don’t we talk about the positive things in our life with double the amount of passion? Why don’t we celebrate the joy of being who we are? The good day at work, the satisfaction of getting a project done, the man who randomly smiled at us, the person who allowed us to cut the queue and jump to the front of the line, the parking spots, the birds chirping, sunshine, laughter, babies giggling (I could go on and on!). Just the joy of being alive, well and blessed! Imagine then what the universe will echo back to us!

Instead of allowing ourselves to be truly authentic and accepting our emotions, we end up judging ourselves and adding layers of negative energy into our lives. On days that you do get angry, sad, lonely, frustrated etc, allow the energy to flow through you. Accept that you are angry, that you have rage. But don’t judge yourself for feeling this way. There is nothing wrong in feeling angry or sad. Feel it, be conscious of your emotion, and allow it to flow through you OUT of you. Don’t block it, don’t suppress it into a corner of your soul. It actually takes up more energy to block something than to allow it to flow out. As soon as you acknowledge the emotion, you become aware, and you start to shift from the inside. You start to think peacefully from an open space, and you begin to operate from a place that’s truly authentically YOU.

If we can create the negative scenarios and stress in our lives, then we definitely have the power to create the positive happy days and peacefulness in our lives! What do you choose to do today?

In this video, one of my favorite authors Panache Desai talks about how easy it is to live consciously with our emotions, and how to allow the energies to become instruments of peace. Absolutely beautiful.

Disarming Our Internal Weapons of Mass Destruction to become Instruments of Peace

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