The Immortals of Meluha

The Immortals of Meluha by Amish

A fantastic novel. I just finished reading it for the third time. The author Amish has done a phenomenal job to take Lord Shiva‘s story and weave it into an amazing fictional story. The Gods and Goddesses, the Gunas, his followers, his trishul, the blue throat – all have been intricately placed into the story, without ever losing the actual real symbolism of the Shiva Purana. Even if you have never read the Shiva Purana or have no clue about who the God Shiva is, you will still enjoy the story that he has crafted.

His imaginative writing simply transports you into a different world. His story is written with the premise of what if Shiva was just a human being – like you and me – but destined for greater things. Being a Shiv Bhakt who has read the Shiva Purana, I was very hesitant when I came across this book at the time of release in Mumbai Airport. I kept thinking I hope the author doesn’t end up making Shiva look like any other normal character authors write about. But Amish has done sheer justice to Shiva!

His Shiva is a battle-scarred warrior fighting to protect what belongs to his tribe. A quick thinking leader with a kick ass attitude. When offered by the Meluhans a chance of a better war free life, he decides to leave and move to Meluha – the perfect law-abiding city created by the most righteous Suryavanshi king Lord Ram. By drinking the elixir Somras, he is revealed to be the blue throated saviour that the Meluhans have spent centuries looking for – The Neelkanth (blue throated one) – who legends say will help the Suryavanshi Meluhans defeat their Chandravanshi enemies. It’s the story of Shiva fighting his inner demons, his yearning and love for the Princess Sati, his friendship with Nandi, his inner battle of accepting his destiny as the Neelkanth, his fight for what’s right and trying to break down absurd rules of Vikarma (untouchables). Its a story that makes you think what is evil, what is good and who actually defines these ‘rules’. At any point in the story, Amish doesn’t lose out on the simplicity that makes Shiva who he is.

Shiva – as a God – is known for his simplicity, for his ability to speak his mind, for his honesty, for not playing games or having hidden agendas, for being a Destroyer of Evil and a Protector of the good and the kind. Amish never loses the actual purity in relation to the Puranas. Infact, I sincerely hope Peter Jackson gets his hands on the book because it deserves to be made into a movie like Lord of the Rings!

The Immortals of Meluha is the first book in his Shiva trilogy. Would highly recommend you pick it this book up!

Rating: 9/10

2 thoughts on “The Immortals of Meluha”

  1. Agree, this was a brilliant book, one that the author said “came to” him. However, sadly, in the second book he seemed to waver and by the third he had totally lost the plot!


    1. I agree. In the 3rd book I was like … he’s thinking movie deal. There was so many unnecessary chapters and the ending was crap. But it doesn’t take away from the magic of book 1 🙂


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