Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult

Luke Warren’s life has revolved around wolves.  He practically ignored his family and lived for years in wolf packs to understand them better – the way packs are formed, how they live, how alphas and betas are chosen etc.  As years go by, the only thing that makes sense to him are wolf dynamics and not human relationships.

The story starts with Luke gravely injured in a car accident with his daughter Cara, and lies in the hospital battling for his life.  His accident brings back his divorced wife and her new family along with his estranged son Edward, who walked out on Luke and Cara six years ago. Edward and Cara have to make the most important and heart wrenching decision – should they pull the plug or keep him on the ventilator?

As they fight over the decision, deeper hidden secrets emerge.  How can a family make such a crucial decision with questions of guilt, hidden agendas and what does each person truly want?

The story is weaved brilliantly with the lives of wolves, how wolf packs function, what is the meaning of family, sacrifice, acceptance, forgiveness, letting go and of love.

Definitely a book worth picking up!

Rating: 8.5 / 10 


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