Life is about not knowing…

Perfect Ending

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Loss makes you grieve, faith gives you strength, family give you support and friends hug you tight and make you laugh.

This coming new year, here’s something to keep in mind:
1.  Live in the now.
Not in yesterday and not in tomorrow.  The only thing we have is this moment, this minute. Rest nothing matters.
2.  Love completely and unconditionally.  
I am not saying blindly. But unconditionally with an open loving heart. Be open to receiving and giving love.
3. Be grateful.
Appreciate every thing around you. Be grateful to the people that love you. Surround yourself with people that make you laugh and bring you joy!
4. Let go.
You will have people or situations that fill your life with nonsense and drama.  Let go and Let God.  Indulge in peace and serenity that follows.  
5. Forgive.
Forgive yourself and others. There’s no point in holding grudges or resentment.  You are the one that gets affected and you get stuck in that nasty energy. So might as well forgive, forget and move on!
6. Have faith 🙂
Big one here! hehe yes – no matter how bad it looks, no matter how much you think this or that will not change – have faith. Have faith in the Man above and see where He leads you.
7. Surrender!!
Yes surrender.  Stop thinking and calculating hypothetical situations. Simply surrender, and start living without expectations.
8. Hug!!  
Hug the people that have been there for you. Simply hug them and love them from your heart.
9. Trust.
Don’t ever close yourself off. Don’t build walls. Trust again. Be vulnerable again. And know that not every person is the same. Who knows, you might make an amazing new friend.
10. Smile 🙂  
Even if you are hurting, breaking up inside … smile.  You will not believe how that smile helps not only you but others around you to stay in a positive frame of mind. At some point you will start smiling with your heart and your inner joy will shine in your eyes. 🙂

This new year, I wish you all love, joy and happiness.  Hug and thank the people you love, treasure and enjoy every minute and keep smiling! God Bless!!


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