Emotions…do we need to apologize for them?


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I always have debates with my male friends on emotions. ‘Why are women always expressing what they feel?’ Honestly, I don’t know how all women express emotions (you cannot generalize here!).

What I do know is that expression of anything clears the air, removes any doubts, any misunderstandings, dissolves any mental mind drama we could be creating by not understanding what is happening 🙂 It also demonstrates the trust that one person has in the other, the faith in their friendship/relationship.

Now whether you choose to express emotions or thoughts, that is your personal choice to make 🙂

One thought on “Emotions…do we need to apologize for them?”

  1. Great thoughts! It seems that our society has reinforced the gender-divide overtime — where men are encouraged to ‘manage’/mask their emotion as we are taught that it implies ‘strength’. As you astutely put it, however, true courage comes from relinquishing the fear of ‘social judgement’. Emotions are emotions – and expression of emotions has nothing to do with gender but everything to do with intent. Even if we express our emotions for the wrong reasons, it is not the expression that is wrong — it simply might point to something we need to work on as individuals… But more often than not, holding back emotion is something we do out of fear rather than strength — so again, I think you raised a very IMPORTANT point in this post! Thanks for sharing!


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