Falling asleep angry…

sleep angry

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I truly believe in this. I simply cannot go to sleep if I am angry. If I do manage to fall asleep, I will have the worst night’s sleep. And the following day, the energy charge of the emotion will carry through and I will end up having an any insane day.

As a child, my mom always said – “pick up the phone and clear it out.  What if you never see the person again?”  And it stuck.

It always makes me think – is that the last emotion I want attached or related to the person?  Anger or being pissed off or hurtful words – are those going to be the last memories someone will have of me if I were to die this very moment? hehe some of my friends find it funny that I actually would call them up and sort out things before going to bed, even though they say “lets talk tomorrow”.  I tell them, what if there is no me tomorrow? hehe

Personally, I like to sleep with a smile in my heart, knowing tomorrow or no tomorrow, I am at peace in my heart. 🙂

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