Once the storm is over…


Image Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/239042692692135143/

What if the storm that hit you was actually the best thing to happen to you?

Once a storm is over, things around us and within us have changed. Sure, there might have been a little devastation to deal with, but you always re-build something new, something better, something more solid. So in a way, you come out much more stronger. If you pay attention and realise what you have learnt, and how you have changed, your brain starts to process the new strength, and you will believe in it as well.

I have really come to believe that in life, to grow, evolve and succeed, only change is permanent. We constantly have to change, grow and evolve, to get where we want to.  By standing still, we won’t move ahead. Even trees might stand still, but their branches are growing out reaching for the sunshine, and roots are changing direction to absorb water.

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