The soul…

Someone once told me, Death is beautiful for a soul. It is us humans who are left behind that mourn.

It got me thinking about the physicality of our body. How much we rely on this machine to survive, to take a step, digest our food, nourish our cells.  We rely on it to pump blood through us, lymph nodes draining, toxins being released from our kidneys etc.  An amazing piece of God’s machine, which we are still struggling to understand or replicate despite all the advances in science.

And then there are the emotional aspects of our body.  We cry over broken hearts. We hold onto grudges. We desire revenge. We demand love.

Let us not forget the materialistic aspects whilst we are counting. Money to buy us big homes and cars. Education to feel ‘I know more than you’. Inches of makeup to look and feel glamorous.

My question is – when we die … what do we take with us?

Think about it. We don’t even take our physical body with us at the precise moment our soul departs – let alone broken hearts, tears, love, money, cars, education etc. Nothing.  So what makes us different from each other? Why all this ‘competition’, ‘wants’ and inequality when in reality we all come in with a soul and leave with that very same soul. Our body is a shell, a machine, in which we reside for a certain period of time. That’s it.

Maybe we need to start looking deeper, and start to pay attention to the soul. Nourish it, cherish it, go after what the soul desires, and celebrate it’s “life” on this earth.


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