Craziness of a year gone by…


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I can completely relate to this quote! What a year I have had (actually 1.5 year). There is only one word to describe it: Incredible.

Personally and spiritually when I look back, I realize how blessed I have been. I have achieved so much at a spiritual level that helped re-define my personal reality. I went after my dreams and stood for things I believed in, and walked away with complete peace of mind from things that were unfair.  I went back to work last August, and created a few things from scratch by learning new skills and contributed to winning one of the biggest pieces of business in the region. I took pride  in becoming a teacher, and understood how important it is to empower myself and other people around me. Today my new job description is perfect for me … create content ideas and empower people. I love it!

I traveled, I took time off. And now I enjoy being at work even more. Maybe because the time off made me realize how much my office colleagues are an extended family to me.  I saw these 110 people around me become tigers and bears, silently protecting me whilst I sorted out little pieces of my life that had fallen apart in a little learning phase that I went through.

I am grateful to all the teachers I have met, who have spent time educating me in different modalities and principles, giving me such solid advice at the right moments.  I am grateful to my students who give me a new perspective with every little discovery they make. I am grateful to all my family and friends, my spiritual and soul family friends, who just brighten up my life every day with something new, something joyful. It’s so amazing to have such a fantastic circle to evolve and grow in this Circle of Life. So grateful for the knowledge, learning and skills I acquired in the last 1 and a half years.

And of course I am thankful to all those people who ultimately weren’t meant to be in my life and most importantly the people who stayed in my life … they showed me the true meaning of courage, dreams, joy, true love, sacrifices, support, love, partnership, friendship, family, protection, relationships, faith, inspiration, and having a positive attitude!

It’s so incredible you start a journey with things you want to achieve, and when you look back, you realize you got so much more than you bargained for. That’s been the story of my life this last 1.5 years. And for that I have God to thank for this amazing magical life I am blessed with!


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