What an inspiration!

I love Got Talent – no matter what country airs it or what language it airs in, it sometimes brings people’s amazing talent to life.

I came across this video today on a social media network, and it blew me away. Here’s a young man, who has faced a lot of hard ships in his life.  And yet, he stands there, with a hope to achieve his dream to sing. My heart goes out to him, and at the end of the performance, all I want to do is hug him!  What’s amazing is that even though I might not understand the language, when he sings, he’s capable of bringing tears into our eyes! Goes to prove language barriers do not exist when it comes to appreciating talent or music!

And then here’s another video I came across funnily enough on a social media network.  (Makes me wonder if people are digging up Got Talent happy little stories before the weekend to put a smile on their faces!).

This little girl proves that age is no barrier for dreams to come true! She simply lights up the stage and sings with pure innocence, bringing a sheer joy and smile into our life.

And here’s another little girl … 4 years old … and she just charms you with her confidence! Simply sit back, smile and enjoy! 🙂



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