No one is too old for fairy tales! :)

fairy tales

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This week is my little niece’s birthday. She will turn 5 and she absolutely loves fairy tales. Switch on Beauty & The Beast or The Little Mermaid, and she’s enthralled and glued to the TV. I love sitting there and watching these movies with her. I was telling a friend of mine, and she said “Come on, fairy tales don’t exist!”. I certainly don’t believe that.

There is always a little fairy tale out there in the world, a tale of love or hope or strength. Check your local news sites.  You may come across various tales – it could be a tale of a brave child who lived when doctors gave up hope, a tale of a man who lost his hands and paints with his feet, a tale of a girl who grew from slums to become a successful woman or a tale of a war hero who met his love after 55 years.  Even though Disney or Pixar haven’t created a movie out of it, these are still fairy tales coming true in our real world 🙂

And no one is too old for fairy tales. You might say you don’t believe in the Disney type of fairy tales, but deep down a story of love, of hope, of strength, of incredible achievement will still bring a smile to your face 🙂

And with that, I leave you today with a song from Beauty & The Beast (since today’s post is dedicated to my little niece) Enjoy 🙂 And believe in the magic! 🙂

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