Everything happens for a reason…


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How many times have we heard the phrase “Don’t worry, everything happens for a reason?” Years ago, every time someone said that to me, it would make me mad. I would tell them – “Yeah? OK so what is the reason? Explain it to me!”

As I grew older, my faith in my friend up there grew, and I learned to trust things. I learned that life is indeed a journey. A journey which no psychic could map out exactly, because only one person knows exactly where you are going – our ‘Friend Up There’.

I learned that even though I might be a really nice person, bad and stupid things could happen to me. Sometimes, those things make no logical sense. I have lessons to learn on this earth – just like everyone else. Now the trick is – do we learn those lessons shouting, complaining, crying and saying “why me?” OR do we happily understand what exactly is the lesson, be in allowance of it, and move on with a smile? Do we hold onto “what could have, should have, would have” and be stuck OR do we carve out new pathways, allowing the good to flow into our lives and moving on to newer and better things?  The choice is always ours.

What I also learned is that we just need to have a little faith.  And just know that even if we cannot ‘see’ it during the heat of the moment,  the reason always becomes apparent later on. 🙂


Image Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/239042692691992864/

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