So who really does ‘stand by you’?

A really good friend forwarded me this message:

“When you kneel down for God, HE stands up for you, and when HE stands up for you, no one can stand against you!”

How amazing and true. When we are lost or we think we are alone, technically we aren’t because our friend up there is still around us, taking care of us, shoving the difficulties out-of-the-way, carving out our path. Even if we don’t realize it, He is sorting out details which we cannot fathom. All we need is a prayer, a little faith, a little belief in ourselves, and just staying positive. And when you have God on your side, standing by you, how can people stand against you? Even destiny can be changed when He’s standing by you!

This quote reminded me of a hindi song, sung by a Sufi singerRahat Fateh Ali Khan. (Click CC to activate the English subtitles). Enjoy the magic of Rahat’s soulful voice 🙂


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