I am strong because I know my weaknesses…


Image Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/239042692691744443/

How true is that? Instead of concentrating on the negatives, lets flip the coin, and the lessons we were meant to learn from the experiences will pop up, showing us the positive aspects and learnings of our journey.

Because you are aware of your weaknesses, you live without ignoring them. This makes you a strong person because just like you know your weaknesses, you know your strengths as well.

You are beautiful within because you are aware of your imperfections. You realize your inner beauty and goodness overtakes the little flaws – making them seem so insignificant.

You are courageous and fearless because you are smart enough to recognize what is the truth, what are illusions and lies. So you know what truths to keep in your life, and you have the courage to let go of the fake and the lies.

You are wise because you learn from each mistake.  Mistakes don’t bring you down. Infact they help you move forward with learnings, forgiveness and gratitude, with your head held up high.

You know the meaning of love because you have faced hate, anger, resentment, jealousy from others at some point in your life.  You know what love feels like, and you aim to live each day in that peace, serenity and in love.

And, most importantly, you live your daily life in sheer joy, in laughter, in ecstasy instead of being bogged down by sadness, grief and the drama/nonsense that accompanies it.  Life’s too short to spend in sadness! Might as well spend it laughing, being positive and most importantly – being happy! 🙂


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