I dreamed a dream…

I sat down today, and I thought – we all dream dreams, but how many of us actually go after our dreams? How many of us actually stand by what we believe in and stand by the people who have the courage to dream? Dreams don’t necessarily have to be big and life altering, they can be small little dreams, and yet … we choose not to dream.

How many of us give up, because we keep hearing ‘oh you can’t make a living out of this’ or ‘are you mad?’ or ‘this is real life not the movies!’.   The one thing I have never understood is we may have given up our dreams for whatever reason, but why do we ridicule other people who still have the courage and guts to go after their dreams? Why do we not stand by them and help them succeed?

Remember, when we were kids, we used to daydream all the time, and our daydreams were real to us.  We believed anything to be possible. We believed in ourselves.  So at what point did we lose this ‘magic’, this power of believing that anything is possible?  At what point did we stop believing in happy endings, and that fairy tales too can come true? Is it because we are scared of failure or ridicule or getting hurt or is it simply we are too busy to dream? I am not too sure on that one … cuz I still dream. 🙂 No matter how many dreams haven’t seen the light of the day, I still continue dreaming new dreams 🙂

What else could I show as content, but these videos.  An ultimate testimonial to believing in yourself, in your dreams, no matter what the world says.  Because when you do achieve, everyone that laughed will cheer you and applaud you.  This woman is an inspiration. Even though I haven’t seen this video in 3 years, I still get goosebumps. What a fairytale story!


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