I am thankful to all those difficult people …


Image Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/239042692691701423/

I love this one! The philosophy is all about Thinking Positive. So instead of being angry at difficult people, be thankful to them.  Because if they hadn’t been who they are, we wouldn’t have known how much we are capable of achieving, how important our dreams are to us in reality, and who we really don’t want to be.  So it’s all about converting the anger and resentment into positive energy that flows within us  instead of negative feelings taking over. Be grateful, be thankful and just smile 🙂

4 thoughts on “I am thankful to all those difficult people …”

  1. Such a good point. This year I’ve encountered a rich handful of difficult people and that was precisely the lesson I’ve tried to take away from my experiences with them. I never want to handle situations as poorly as they did.


  2. Love the positivity! Do you have any “power of positive thinking” stories you’d like to share on my blog? (Links and credit given, of course.) Let me know! You can also email me at mollie at mollieplayer.com.


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