Karma …


Image Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/239042692691662831/

Sometimes you have people in your life that treat you like crap.  It is a common occurrence and it happens either at work or at home, with people you see daily or people you barely even know.  The impulse to react at that moment in time is very very strong, but take a few deep breaths, walk away, sleep over it, and you will realize – it isn’t worth it.

If we react, we are embedding ourselves in a never-ending circle of constant tit-for-tat. If we walk away without reacting, in silence, it doesn’t mean that we are giving up or that we are cowards. It simply means – we are exercising our choice of living beyond these ‘games’ and without ‘drama’. And at that moment in time, you have broken the circle. You have chosen to live your life in peace and harmony, with people who love you.

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