Smile even though your heart is aching….

I came across this song randomly on the weekend whilst watching a TV series and I wanted to dedicate it to a few of my friends (and friends of friends).  Some of them have gone through a lot these last few months – parents gone to heaven, engagements and marriages broken, loss of job, loss of unborn child…

It’s not easy, but at some point we need to let go of the past, and move on. One thing I have always believed in is being positive, smiling through thick and thin, and having faith. But most importantly – being there for the people you love and care about. Family plays a huge part by loving us unconditionally, but our friends are the ones that goof about, making us smile and laugh, supporting us, hugging us, pulling pranks and telling stupid jokes to crack us up, always being on our side and making sure we don’t hit rock bottom.

It was so apt when I went digging on YouTube for this song that I found a version with ‘Friends’ moments (it’s actually a cover version of an old charlie chaplin song I think) … so my dear friends – this one is for you! Keep smiling 🙂 🙂

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