I am born to live. Not to exist.

Image Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/239042692691807992/

I have met quite a lot of people who are very comfortable in simply existing. They are scared of change, because change would mean a disruption in their daily life. And honestly speaking, there is nothing wrong with that. If that is what gives them peace, stability and happiness, then who are we to judge?
But then there are people like me who think that one lifetime is too short for us learn everything we want to. If I could get a new career every year, I happily would. To me that would mean learning and gaining new skills every year. If it means me going to school part time or full time, or join classes, it wouldn’t deter me.
I remember an old man in my first company used to look at me and said “You are a perpetual student.” At that time I thought – what is he going on about? Today, 14 years down the line, I look back and realize how true he was. Till date, I go to random workshops, classes, sit hours on the internet, sit with different people – picking up new skills and simply learning. I read like a monster on topics I really want to learn about. The day I feel “ok I am done with learning xyz and there is nothing here that stimulates my brain anymore”, I simply go and look for something new to do.
Maybe this is why I identify with the quote pic today … I would rather be a person that goes out and learns as much as I can, live life to the ultimate fullest than simply existing in the mundane.

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