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Each one of us has something we are passionate about, something that gives us solace, something helps us express what we are feeling.

For me – it’s been my art. My paints. Working with silk or sitting, cutting and mounting mosaics.  Earlier, I got into the ‘habit’ of expressing negative emotions onto my canvas – so if I was angry, resentful, pissed off, or even wanted to express my ‘cold silence’… I took it out on my canvas.  I went and painted like mad.  To be fair, some of my most striking work came out through phases like that.

But as I explored the realm of meditation, and delved deeper, I realized that my passion, my art was a blessing. And I started thinking – why bring in such negative angry emotions into something that makes me feel so positive and so blessed?  So I stopped painting in periods when I ‘knew’ the negative emotions wanted to surface.  Instead I concentrated on dealing and removing the negative emotions through techniques I learnt in my meditations, ThetaHealing and Reiki. It very very quickly brought me back to being happy little leena who could simply paint with sheer joy and with a smile.

Look into your lives for your passion – be it cooking, playing a sport, gaming, knitting, art, sculpture, cars, music, reading books … and give it a positive turn. Use your passion to express your joy and not your anger.  Think about it … some people cannot hear a beautiful song without breaking down into tears because they heard it over and over again during their ‘negative’ state of mind.  Why attach such negative vibes to a gorgeous song that can calm your soul, bring a smile to your face, and make you dance with utter ecstasy in the rain?  🙂 Let the passion stay what it is meant to be – PASSIONATE, positive and close to your heart!

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