Today you are you…


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Deep down you know the true ‘you’.  That’s who you wake up to and sleep to.  You might spend the whole day pretending you are not the ‘true you’, but at every point you know who you are.  How easy would it be to just be able to be the ‘true you’ at all times of the day.  You wouldn’t have to put up any fronts, live with any ‘bi-polar’  or ‘multiple’ personalities that would drain the energy out of you.  I can understand if you need to have a different personality at work, and a different one at home (so that the real you doesn’t get eaten by the corporate sharks) – but as long as you know the ‘true and real you’.  But I know people who have one face for me and one face for someone else, one face for their parents, one face for their socialite friends, and various other faces.  I always ask them “doesn’t the ‘true you’ get lost in all of this??” Answer usually is … yes I don’t know who the ‘true me’ actually is. Usually it has to do with the fear of the ‘true you’ not being accepted and loved for who you really are.  Here’s a question to ask yourself … do you really want someone in your life that doesn’t accept and love the ‘true you’? No matter how much you ‘change’ … it will never be enough.  So it might be better to be the ‘true you’ and enjoy life with people that do love and accept the ‘true you’ … and as I usually say … to hell with the rest that don’t 🙂


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