Star light, star bright


As little kids, we used to look up into the sky and find a tiny bright star and wish on it.  We so strongly believed in the star’s magic that usually our little wish (and even more) used to come true. And even if it didn’t come true, it didn’t stop us from wishing on the star!

I still remember teaching my little niece about stars. And for the longest time, she would find the brightest star in the sky and that was “Leena’s Star!”

So when was the last time we wished on a star? Why have we stopped believing in the magic of the universe? It’s not the star that actually makes our little wishes come true … but the belief that we have that it will come true!! 🙂 Just see a little child’s face when they close their eyes and wish on the star … see the belief & faith that it will come true … and that’s why it does come true!

Go ahead … find a star tonight and wish on it … you never know! 🙂

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