Life is short …


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As we go through life, we see a lot of things happen around us (including deaths of loved ones) that make us realise how short life actually is.  We can spend our life arguing, in negativity, drowning in regrets, harboring resentments, carrying on grief OR we could look around us and appreciate the beauty of living, thanking God for the love we have in our lives, laughing at silly jokes and old memories with our families and friends.  Most importantly … no matter how bad an experience was, a relationship was… at some it did make you smile … remember the smile not the bad experience, and forgive easily and quickly so that it doesn’t stop you from moving forward! Go ahead and break your created barriers and norms, and evolve. Learn a new skill, a new hobby … meet new people … laugh and spread the laughter 🙂 after all … life is short! 🙂

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