Difference between us and children


As we grow older, we start to forget the magic, the awe, the incredulous and never ending possibilities, the fascination of little things  … we start to rationalise each and everything, start to over-analyze, start to question, start to doubt …  

Children are fearless … throw them 6 feet up in the air, they jump off stairs, they play sports with a passion – without the fear of getting hurt, they paint without thinking what exactly would be the outcome of their brush strokes, they read and dream up of their imaginary friends (and monsters).  They don’t question who is up there, still wish on stars & still experience the thrill of running barefeet on the sand …

Maybe we should all live with the kids in their world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in the world of Toy Story, Cars & Ratatouille … atleast we can hold onto our imaginations and maybe start opening up our hearts!

Source of image: www.pinterest.com


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