Two roads…


This quote probably describes the last 9 months of my life. Maybe even the last 2 years!

I did end up going against the norms, against everyone’s opinions of ‘what a person with a relatively successful career should do and shouldn’t do’ … I did choose the ‘road less traveled’.  I went with my heart.

Today, 9 months down the line, I have no regrets. Infact – funnily enough – everyone now agrees with me.  Did it make a difference in my life? Oh yes! Tremendously. I have evolved so much as a human being and am now not scared of evolving further.

Growing up, I believed that each person has a ‘destiny’.  At every point in our lives, we are given 2 paths to choose from to reach our destiny. Sometimes it is as simple as saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  But it still has an impact in our lives.  It chooses whether we go through the path with anger, grief, revenge, sorrow etc OR we go with the other path of patience, love, caring.  Again … this is my belief … 🙂

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