Best moments in reading


How many times has this happened to you?  As I wrote a couple of days ago, am a big believer in “signs”.  Whenever I am slightly confused, slightly ‘off’, a little lost, I just simply ‘look’ for signs. 

Those who know me know that I don’t just read books … I devour them.  And usually a lot of my signs come from books. I would come across a paragraph that completely describes what I am going through at that moment in time, something even I am unable to explain … and then I read it, and it makes complete sense to me, and all the pieces fall right into place. And usually the answer on what to do next is right there in the paragraph (or the next few pages) … written by a complete stranger!

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One thought on “Best moments in reading”

  1. It happened to me recently… something happened, and just after it happened, I sat down to resume the reading of my current book, and there it was: an explanation of the event. Or rather, the demonstration that what the author was talking about was true. Just amazing!


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