Go with your heart

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”


I have always been “big” about following my heart. Following my instincts.  I just go with what my heart says, choose my heart’s feeling over my brain’s logic. Sure I have been called “naive”, “stupid”, been told “if you had only sat down and thought..”, “think before you leap” … everything possible that you could think of.

But honestly .. looking back … I don’t regret a single thing.  Sure I made some silly choices, but those silly choices were necessary to bring me to where I am today in my life. Of course – we have to make  mistakes to learn from them, to grow from them!

What’s the point of not expressing what you feel? What’s the point of not speaking your heart’s truth? Who are we truly trying to protect? Our brains do what they are meant to do … analyze. Over analyze. Criticize. Evaluate. Weigh the options. But our hearts simply tell us … this is “right”. This feels right. There is no analysis, no option evaluations. Your heart thinks about you. Knows what you are feeling, deep down in your soul, knows what you really need and desire.

This is what I say … “Take a Leap of Faith. Listen to your Heart and go with it”. After all … you live once in every moment of this lifetime. Why not live and go with the love in your heart? 🙂

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