Dream as if you’ll live forever

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” – James Dean


This is one of my favorite quotes. We worry about tomorrow, we worry about what people will say, what will happen if we do xyz … and in the process of “living” … we actually forget to live. And then death comes knocking on our doors, and we sit back thinking “I wish I had done this” …

Why do we live our life regretting the past? Why do we let the past hold us back so much that we simply forget to enjoy the Breath of Life, we forget to just live each day by itself?

Dreams define us, it’s our deepest window into our soul. Dreams are one of the few things no one can take away from us. So yes Dream as if you will live forever. Dream dreams of love, of achieving, of growing, of attaining the unattainable. But in the process don’t forget to live each and every moment of today! Savour the food you eat, hug the people you meet, smile at complete strangers, walk on the roads exploring your city, enjoy being around your co-workers, re-create the excitement in the work that you do and most importantly – Love the people who matter the most to you. Love them as though this was the last time you would be together, feeling blessed for the moments you have together with your family and loved ones. Live each day as though it was the last day on earth. And when you wake up the next day, it will be with a smile, knowing it’s going to be another magnificent day! 🙂


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